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Mandate & Functions

Mandate & Functions


The Kenya Prisons Service is mandated by Caps 90 and 92 (Prisons and Borstal Acts), Laws of Kenya, to do the following:-

  1. Containment and keeping in safe custody of offenders.
  2. Rehabilitation and Reformation of offenders through training, counseling, Educational and professional Programmes.
  3. Facilitate administration of justice by producing offenders to Courts.
  4. Control and training of youthful offenders in Borstal and YCTC Institutions.
  5. Recruitment and Training of Prisons Manpower requirements.

Core Functions

  1. Keeping in safe custody all prisoners placed under its care.
  2. Rehabilitation and reformation of prisoners for social re-integration
  3. Facilitation of Administration of Justice.
  4. Containing and Rehabilitation of young offenders in Borstal Institutions and Youth Corrective Training Centre.
  5. Provision of care for children aged 4 years and below accompanying their mothers to prison.