The Security Officer will be responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons for the following responsibilities:-

1. In consultation with the Director of administration ensuring the following:-

    (a) Preparation of junior officers weekly and weekend duty rosters and maintenance of staff employment and medical day book.

    (b) Inspection of uniformed junior officers before they report to their posts.

    (c) Preparations of junior officers leave rosters and processing of staff applications for the attention of Director of Administration.

    (d) Conducting timaam parades where junior staff will be informed of the contents of Commissioner Directives and carrying out lectures on proper maintenance of security of the building, prevention of fire, maintenance of lifts and how to conduct searches on any suspected persons.

    (e) Ensuring high standards of cleanness of the entire PHQ building.
2. In consultation with Assistant Commissioner Buildings ensuring the following:-
    (a) That all breakages to any part of the building are repaired.

    (b) That all leaking roofs or water taps are repaired.

    (c) That there is sufficient water supply in the building,

    (d) That all lights within offices and security lights are in working order.

    (e) That all toilets within the building are in working order and all automatic urinals flashing system is turned off at 1700 hour on weekdays and during the weekend.

    (f) That all the gardens and grounds at PHQ are properly maintained in consultation with the Director Farms, Assistant Commissioner Buildings and Administrative Secretary and appropriate disposal of garbage.

    (g) Controlling of prisoners labour deployed in any part of the building or grounds.

    (h) Ensuring the control and replacement of the keys to the building and that decorations are carried out during the National Days Celebrations with approved buntings.
3. In consultation with Director Rehabilitation and Welfare ensure the following:-
    (a) The welfare of the junior officers stationed at the Headquarters and on transit.

    (b) Arrangement of staff Christmas comforts during Christmas time.
4. In consultation with the Director of Operations ensure the following ;
    (a) Proper control of visitors to the building at the gates, receptions and offices.

    (b) Security of the building, doors to the offices and other utility areas and fire exits.

    (c) That no lights other than security lights will be lit on in any office unless an officer is working late in the office.

    (d) That all firefighting equipment is in working order and firefighting procedures are understood by security staff.

    (e) That all occupants of the building are aware of the manner to leave the building in case of fire outbreak.

    (f) Proper arrangement of escorts to the bank as and when required.

    (g) Maintenance of the key register control and replacement of the keys to the building.

    (h) Receiving all night reports from the sleeping in N.C.O regarding incidents requiring to be communicated to the Duty Officer, Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons or Commissioner General of Prisons and authorize action to be taken and personally communicate the messages to those officers for further action when necessary.

    (i) Maintaining security officer’s journal to be checked by the Director of Operations.
5. Any other duties which may be assigned to him from time to time by the Commissioner of Prisons.