The Regional Commanders are answerable to the Commissioner General of Prisons for the following duties and responsibilities

1. Ensuring efficient administration of penal institutions within their areas of responsibility on behalf of Commissioner General of Prisons.

2. Keeping the Commissioner General of Prisons informed about the state of prisons in their regions.

3. Ensuring close cooperation with representatives of all National and County Governments in their areas.

4. Maintaining liaison with Regional Prisons Commanders.

5. Conducting frequent administrative audits of penal institutions and supervising Officer in Charges in their regions.

6. Formulating standing orders on diverse issues affecting stations in their regions.

7. Implementation of e-government by the department through supervision of established regional ICT coordinating offices.

8. Efficient administration of HIV programs in their regions through supervision of established regional ACU offices.

9. Supervision and coordination of establishment of new prisons, projects and expansion of the existing ones.

10. Signing of performance contracts, developing performance targets with the Officers in Charge in their regions.

11. To initiating, developing and reviewing standing orders besides operationalizing those cascaded from Prisons Headquarters.

12. Establishing human rights offices and conducting regular audits to gauge human rights adherence in their regions.

13. Dealing with and advising on staff transfer applications.

14. Dealing with staff and prisoners disciplinary matters.

15. Ensuring all complaints received are adequately investigated and acted upon.

16. Personally visiting all scenes of security interest in their stations.

17. Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Commissioner General of Prisons from time to time.