The head of Prisons Supplies and Transport will be responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons for the following duties and responsibilities:-

1. General supervision of supplies and transport services within the Prisons Department in liaison with Administrative Secretary, Assistant Director Supply Chain Management [AD/SCM] and Superintendent Prisons mechanical section.

2. Carrying out regular inspections of Penal Institutions, Central Quartermaster and Regional Quartermasters in conjunction with AD/SCM

3. Responsible to the Commissioner of Prisons for the efficient running of the Motor Vehicle Department [MVD], Central Motor Vehicle Workshop and Regional Motor Vehicle Workshops in liaison with Administrative Secretary.

4. Planning, organizing and coordinating all logistical matters related to stores and transport.

5. Facilitating provision of supplies, logistics and equipment necessary for the management of prisons and timely delivery of stores countrywide.

6. Stores and all departmental fleet management and planning.

7. Provision of permits and management of prison drivers and maintenance crew and their overall efficiency.

8. Arranging for interviews of mechanical staff and drivers and their postings in consultation with Director of Administration.

9. Budgetary requirements for supplies and transport section as per procurement plan.

10. Responsible for co-ordinating sample testing for uniforms and other items.

11. Member of the uniforms designing committee, uniformed services co-coordinating committee, Prisons Board of Survey, Departmental Procurement Committee and Departmental Technical Evaluation Committee.

12. Any other duties which may be assigned by the Commissioner General from time to time.