The Officer in Charge will be responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons through the Regional Prisons Commander and the County Prisons Commander for the following duties and responsibilities.

1) Ensuring safe custody and security of all prisoners, Government and prisoners stores, books, registers and property under his or her custody.

2) Discipline and treatment of prison officers and prisoners.

3) Observance and implementation of Prisons Act, Rules, directives and orders.

4) Visiting every part of prison at least once a week, visiting the prison at night twice a week, visiting prisoners during meals twice a week and seeing prisoners every 24 hours.

5) Ensuring implementation of Medical Officers instructions on prisoners, informing the next of kin and the Commissioner General of Prisons about seriously sick prisoners and the death of the prisoners.

6) Facilitating the carrying out of court inquests on the death prisoners.

7) Reporting all prisoners with mental illness to Commissioner General of Prisons and Medical Officer.

8) Reporting all unusual occurrences about the prison to the Commissioner General of Prisons through normal channels.

9) Submitting prisoners’ appeals and petitions to relevant courts and Commissioner General of Prisons.

10) Attending Sub County Tender Board, Sub County Security Committee meetings and functions whenever required to do so.

11) Liaison officer between Prison Department and other Sub County Departmental Heads.

12) Ensuring timely release of all prisoners.

13) Being responsible for public and prisoners money and development projects.

14) Formulating standing orders on issues affecting the station.

15) Responsible for interpretation of Commissioner General and Regional Commander Directives and standing orders.

16) Addressing prisoners and staff applications as well as their welfare.

17) Submitting periodic returns.

18) Formulating and implementing individual and station work plans.

19) Signing annual performance contract with the County Prisons Commander /Regional Prisons Commander and executing performance targets.

20) Safeguarding Government land and utilizing it for intended purpose.

21) Protecting prisoners and staff rights as provided for in the Bill of Rights in 2010 Kenya Constitution.

22) Facilitating administration of criminal justice by ensuring that prisoners are produced in court.

23) Carrying out training needs assessment and making recommendation to directorate of Administration and Personnel.

24) Supporting prisoners’ rehabilitation programs and initiating new ones.

25) Facilitating the improvement of welfare of children under age of four years accompanying their mothers into prisons.

26) Personally visiting scene of incidents that have security implication to the station.

27) Any other duties assigned from time to time.