Directorate Planning and Development

The unit is responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons for the following duties:

1. Implementation of departmental strategic plans and ensuring that it is linked to policy documents such as the National Development Plan and Vision 2030 ;

    I. Coordinating Performance Contracting and ensuring that the targets are in line with acceptable standards;

    II. Providing guidance to sections, provincial commands and stations on the implementation processes for the achievement of the strategic objectives;

    III. Developing and reviewing of the Service Charter and Strategic Plan for the Department, Collating and coordinating information for planning and budgeting purposes for the department;

    IV. Supporting various sections of the Prisons Service in developing sectional and individual work plans with clear targets for easy implementation of performance contracting and appraisal systems;

    V. Preparing project proposals for bilateral and development partners as well as GJLOS and other NGOs assisting prisons;

    VI. Reviewing the departmental policies and realigning them to incorporate the emerging body of best practices in correctional development, particularly those that conform to the practices which meet international standards.
2. Monitoring the implementation of the Strategic Plan, Work Plans and Performance Contracts for purposes of reporting and advising on any gaps.

3. Participating in the Ministerial Development Planning Committee meetings in order to sensitize and create awareness among staff on emerging best practices in management as well as developing the frame work for incorporation and harmonization of the departmental policies with those of the central government including implementation of Vision 2030.

4. Directing the building section on the projects to be undertaken by the section.

5. Monitoring and evaluation of projects under taken by the Section.

6. Developing the budget for the development projects for the department.

7. Coordination and collaboration with other government departments and stakeholders involved in the development of the department’s development directions and infrastructure;

8. Coordinating the maintenance of the department`s buildings and other infrastructure

9. Secretary to the Prisons Development planning Committee.

10. General control and supervision of technical staff attached to the section including discipline, transfers, promotions and training in close liaison with the Director of Administration.

11. Initiating action on acquisition of new prison sites and title deeds and maintenance of plans and records in respect of all prison lands and buildings.

12. Installation and maintenance of electrical plants and equipments.

13. Coordinating water supplies, sewerage and drainage.

14. Financial management and procurement of building materials and tools in conjunction with Administrative Secretary and Assistant Director Supplies Chain Management.

15. Accounting for all the tools and plants at the main store and building sites.

16. Liaison with the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the Ministry of Transport on matters related to buildings and development within the Department.

17. Training of prisoners on the building trade and their trade testing by the Ministry of Labour in liaison with Director of Prison Enterprises.

18. Inspection of all buildings, land and maintenance of relevant building registers.

19. Maintenance of the Prisons Show Stands in collaboration with Director of Prison enterprises.

20. Preparation of estimates for both development and recurrent expenditure in respect of buildings in consultation with the Administrative Secretary.

21. Member of the Departmental team for negotiation of funds and staff establishment.

22. Member of the Ministerial Tender Board (Prisons) and Departmental and Technical Evaluating Committee.

23. Member of the Departmental Promotion/Appointment Board and Board of Surveys and Disposal of salvaged materials.

24. Spearheading prisons reforms as spelt out in the Madoka report and the reform manifestos.

25. Any other duties that the Commissioner General of Prisons may assign from time to time.