Directorate of Prisons Enterprises

The Prisons Farms Supervisor will be responsible to the Commissioner General of Prisons through the Director of Prisons Enterprises for the following duties and matters and correspondences arising there from.

1. The efficient and economic planning and development of all prisons farms.

2. Arrange for yearly targets to be realized by stations and co-ordinate returns of Appropriation -In-Aid submitted by stations from time to time in consultation with Chief Accountant.

3. General control of agricultural staff in the field in liaison with Regional Prisons Commanders, County Prisons Commanders and Officers in Charge.

4. Arrangement of comprehensive training schemes for agricultural staff and prisoners employed in agricultural enterprises.

5. Procurement of farm inputs, tools and machinery equipment in consultation with the Administrative Secretary.

6. Maintenance of machinery, equipment and tools.

7. A.I.E holder in the farms section.

8. Being responsible for agricultural shows and maintenance of flower garden on prisons show stands in co-ordination with the Director of Industries.

9. Analysis of crop and animal production within the Prisons farms.

10. Participating in the Departmental show Committee.

11. Participating in Departmental Planning and Development Committee.

12. Participating in Departmental Training Committee.

13. Any other duties which may be assigned to him/her by the Commissioner General of prisons.