Deputy Commissioner General of Persons

The Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons is the Principal Assistant to and responsible to Commissioner General of Prisons for the following duties and responsibilities:-

    1. Standing in for the Commissioner General of Prisons whenever he happens to be away.

    2. Periodical visits and inspections of penal institutions.

    3. Tracking and repossessing land for use by the Department including negotiation for the necessary funds with the Ministry and the Treasury in liaison with Administrative Secretary.

    4. Staff establishment for the department in conjunction with Administrative Secretary, Director Administration and Human Resource Management.

    5. Parliamentary questions in liaison with Commissioner General.

    6. Senior officers leave applications and discipline.

    7. Chairperson of departmental promotion, disciplinary and appeals Boards when directed by the Commissioner General.

    8. Completion of annual confidential reports for officers of the rank of S.P and SSP.

    9. Co-ordination of departmental training programs

    10. Coordination of departmental development projects in conjunction with Director Planning and Development and Administrative Secretary.

    11. Coordination of County and Regional commands related activities.

    12. Facilitating official visits by visiting justices.

    13. Arrangement of transfer of prisoners in custody in consultation with Commissioner General of Prisons.

    14. Chairman of Staff Welfare Committee and welfare programs for inmates nationally.

    15. A member of Board of visitors of Borstal Institutions.

    16. Coordinating review and interpretation of Prisons Acts 90, 92 and other related Acts.

    17. Chairperson of Kenya Prisons Sports Council.

    18. Approval of all applications requesting for training and carrying out of practicals in Prisons.

    19. Coordinating study tours and deployment of staff to United Nations missions.

    20. Any other duties assigned to him or her from time to time by the Commissioner General of Prisons.

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