Commissioner General of Prisons

The Commissioner General of Prisons is appointed by the Head of State in consultation with the Public Service Commission and is responsible to the Cabinet Secretary and the Principle Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National government for the following:

    1. Formulation of Departmental policy matters for approval by the Cabinet Secretary.

    2. Liaison and consultation with the Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Co-ordination of National Government, the Principal Secretary Co-ordination of National Government, the Public Service Commission, Directorate of Personnel Management, criminal justice agencies, other Ministries and Heads of Departments as necessary.

    3. Overall superintendence and administration of penal institutions throughout the Republic.

    4. Control and prudent management of all finances allocated to the department.

    5. Enforcement and interpretation of Prisons and Borstal Acts, Rules and Regulations and Prisons Standing Orders.

    6. Review of Prisons Act [Cap 90], Borstal Institution Act [Cap 92], subsidiary legislations, Prisons Standing orders in Consultation with the office of the Attorney-General and stakeholders as and when necessary.

    7. Recommendation for Honours and Awards to deserving members of uniformed and civilian staff subject to approval by the National Awards Committee.

    8. Ensuring effective containment, rehabilitation and humane treatment, safety, order and discipline of offenders.

    9. Appointment, confirmation, promotions, transfer, discipline and retirement of all uniformed members of staff.

    10. Government official correspondent on crime prevention and treatment of offenders as well as wellbeing of members of staff.

    11. Appointment of commissions of inquiry on departmental matters.

    12. Providing guidance as a member of the Board of Visitors of Borstal Institutions.

    13. Completion of confidential annual reports for officers of the rank of ACP and above.

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