The Chief Telecommunications Engineer (C.T.E) will be answerable to the Commissioner General of Prisons through the Director of Operations for the following duties and responsibilities;

1. Ensuring efficient and effective operation of the communication services in the department.

2. Undertaking system planning and equipment valuation.

3. Administration of Technical Staff, IT Officers, Radio and Telephone Operators in the section.

4. Procurement of capital equipments, distribution, general maintenance of telecommunication equipments and disposal thereof.

5. Ensuring pre-service and in-service training of staff is carried out regularly.

6. Receiving and approving inspection reports of departmental radio, IT equipment and telephone communication networks.

7. Member of the Budgetary Committee, Departmental Training Committee, Departmental Show Committee, Ministerial Tender Committee and Departmental Evaluation Committee.

8. Staff establishment proposals in liaison with the Administrative Secretary.

9. Compiling Staff Appraisal Reports.

10. Regular inspection of Radio Network for the department.

11. Coordinating telecommunication activities with other Government Departments and Telecommunication Organizations.

12. Any other duties assigned to him by the Commissioner General of Prisons from time to time.