Administrative Secretary

The Administrative Secretary is a senior officer of the civilian cadre deployed at Prisons Headquarters to advice the Commissioner General of Prison on administrative issues and support services. The holder of the office heads support services including Accounts, HRM, and Procurement units. Specific duties and responsibilities include the following:

• Advising the Commissioner of Prison on the management of the Service for effective running of the Department including realignment and integration of policy issues in prisons with those of the Central Government;

• Advising on prudent financial management, and in particular, effective utilization of funds on planned and intended projects;

• Coordinating the monitoring and evaluation of programmes and projects implementation to ensure their success;

• In consultation with the Commissioner of Prisons, the holder oversees the allocation of AIEs and sub AIEs in liaison with various sections Heads, and approval of imprests and approval of contracts;

• The holder is responsible to the Commissioner for the coordination of the budgetary matters in the Department including the forward budget, drafts and estimates;

• Responsible to the Commissioner for follow up action on financial instructions from Treasury, Ministry Headquarters; overseeing inspections reports, and audit reference sheets, losses and write offs and follow up action on acquisitions, accounting of, and disposal of Departmental assets;

• Chairing the Departmental Tender Board Committee, Departmental Budget implementation Committee and Departmental Human Resources Management Advisory Committee and a member of the Ministerial Budget implementation committee, Ministerial Tender Board Committee and Departmental Uniform Committee;

• Providing supervisory role over the civilian staff of the Prisons Service in liaison with HRM;

• Preparing development plans for physical facilities in the Department as well as coordinating Board of Surveys in consultation with the Commissioner of Prisons;

• Any other duties that may be directed from time to time by the Commissioner of Prisons.