Commissioner General of Persons

The Commissioner General of Prisons is appointed by the Head of State in consultation with the Public Service Commission and is responsible to the Cabinet Secretary and the Principle Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National government for the following:

    14. Preparation of Annual Reports on Senior Officers.

    15. Preparation of Departmental Annual Reports.

    16. Press release and official statements on Departmental issues.

    17. Authority to conduct research in penal institutions in liaison with office of the President.

    18. Planning and formulation of Departmental training programs for members of staff.

    19. Public Security Act and any other related matters.

    20. Security vetting.

    21. Replies to Parliamentary questions in consultation with the Director Legal, Human Rights, Research and Statistics.

    22. Inquiries into serious public complaints against the department.

    23. Liaison with Kenya National Security Council on security issues.

    24. Security to the Prisoner’s Board of Review.

    25. All matters relating to capital punishment.

    26. Officiating events as a Patron of Kenya Prisons Sports Council.

    27. Providing advice as a Patron of Magereza Staff Credit Society Limited.

    28. All legal affairs and queries affecting the Department in consultation with Attorney-General Chambers and Registrar of the High Court.


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